Lip enhancement using dermal fillers is a very popular treatment. Our very experienced nurse practitioner, Lynd, takes great pride in achieving the best results for her patients.

A patient seen before the filler injections

The patient seen following dermal filler injections



Do people keep telling you that you look tired? Are lower lid dark circles or hollows responsible? If so, what are the options for treatment? This will depend on many factors including your age, your skin type, the presence of lower lid fat pad herniation or skin laxity, and the position of your eyeball relative to the bony rim of the eye socket. The options for treatment vary and include: cosmetic eyelid surgery, and/or tear trough Restylane injections or microfat injections. Some patients may benefit from laser skin resurfacing or skin peels performed by an expert dermatologist. Any treatment in this delicate are of the body has implications for the health of your eyes – the discerning patient only entrusts such treatment to those who are truly expert in this area.

A patient before and after a scarless lower lid blepharoplasty

Have a look at the detailed information about this at and and


Patients with a dry eye problem can benefit from the insertion of a punctal plug. This is a tiny silicone plug which is inserted into the punctum, the tiny hole in the inner aspect of the lower eyelid. This takes seconds to do and does not usually require any anesthesia. This is done at the slit lamp, the microscope used by eye doctors and opticians to examine the eye.

The photograph shows a punctal plug in place in a patient whose lower eyelid has been pulled down to demonstrate the plug. The plug is not visible to others. Contact Face & Eye to find out more about punctal plugs.


Eyelid cysts are very common and many NHS hospitals will no longer treat these. Find out more about this condition and its self pay private treatment at our website under Eyelid Conditions.

Click on this link to watch a video of a patient undergoing the incision and curettage of a lower lid meibomian cyst at the Face & Eye Clinic Manchester –


Our doctors and nurse practitioners offer Blephex treatment, the most advanced treatment for stubborn blepharitis

Learn all about blepharitis and its treatment at our website




Mr John Cooper, oculoplastic nurse practitioner, is now offering a service at Face & Eye to manage eyelid lumps, bumps, xanthelasmata, and cysts including chalazia (meibomian cysts). Mr Cooper has been undertaking such treatments independently at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for a number of years and has been an oculoplastic nurse practitioner at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for over a decade. He can offer this service at a very competitive price for self pay patients ( go to Minor Operations by Oculoplastic Nurse Practitioner) who are happy for a nurse to undertake their treatment for minor lesions. If there are any concerns about the nature of a lesion he will defer to the oculoplastic surgeons at the clinic, or he will advise your GP to refer you to a local NHS hospital.

Specialist Treatment

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