Fat Pearl Grafting

Fat pearl grafting is a technique that can help patients who have hollow upper or lower eyelids. This is most commonly used for the management of patients who have undergone an over-resection of fat during the course of cosmetic eyelid surgery (upper and/or lower lid blepharoplasty), but can also be used for patients who have hollowing as an hereditary problem, as a consequence of previous trauma, or due to disorders such as Rhomberg's hemifacial atrophy. For such patients, it can be combined with Coleman fat grafting to the temple and mid-face.

Fat Pearl Grafting

Fat for fat pearl grafting is usually taken via an incision which is typically made around the lower half of the umbilicus (the tummy button) but can be taken from other areas as required. The fat is then divided into very small "pearls" and transplanted into the eyelid, usually via a skin crease incision in the upper eyelid and via a transconjunctival incision (on the inside of the eyelid) in the lower eyelid. The overall results of this surgery are good and long lasting if the fat survives. Fat survival is generally poor in smokers.  This surgery is usually undertaken under "twilight anaesthesia" on a day case basis.

Twilight Anaesthesia

Please note that although this surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia alone, local anaesthesia with safe, conscious intravenous sedation given by a very experienced and skilled consultant anaesthetist (commonly referred to as “twilight anaesthesia”) is also available where requested. This form of anaesthesia is extremely popular with our patients and the effects are reversed very quickly. It enables local anaesthetic injections to be given painlessly with little recollection of the surgery, and helps to keep patients calm, relaxed and comfortable. It also helps to prevent rises in blood pressure thereby minimizing bleeding and postoperative bruising.

Any patients requiring general anaesthesia or who are unsuitable for surgery at our day case facility, the Face & Eye Clinic, will be treated by our surgeons in a local private hospital e.g.the  new Private Wing of Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (The Manchester Centre for Vision - www.centre-for-vision.com).

What our patients say

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