Cosmetic treatments

We all want to look our best, to look younger, better and more attractive for longer. The surgeons, clinicians and aesthetic nurse practitioners at Face & Eye are at the forefront of developments in the very fast moving field of facial aesthetic treatments, offering adult patients, male as well as female, of all ages, an extensive range of non-surgical as well as surgical treatments to achieve the desired effects. Patients may feel quite debilitated by their condition, or be simply in need of a lift; in either case they will receive the very best advice and first-class treatment from those at the top of their profession. Many disorders and conditions can affect a patient's cosmetic appearance, causing problems with social and professional interactions e.g. droopy eyelids, thyroid eye disease, previous facial injuries, scars, lines, wrinkles, etc. You will find that our surgeons, clinicians and aesthetic nurse practitioners are very sympathetic to your concerns and will give the best possible advice.

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What our patients say

I suffered from clouded vision following cataract surgery which was both debilitating and depressing. Mr Ikram gave me a very thorough examination, a clear explanation of the cause and the laser treatment available to correct this. This was carried out very efficiently and successfully. It was a huge relief to be able to see clearly again. The optician, Rebecca was also very careful and helpful. I felt confident and reassured throughout. I can now get on with my life! Thank you. Val (Stockport) Cataract surgery letter