Refractive Lens Surgery

This refers to surgery undertaken to replace a patient's own lens with a lens implantin order to improve the patient's visual performance, often overcoming the patient's reliance on glasses for distance e.g. for driving, or for near e.g. for reading.

Selecting the lens to replace the cloudy cataractous lens or a clear lens is an important part of achieving the optimal visual outcome.

There are many lenses available and these are often referred to as lifestyle lenses as they may be customised to a patient's individual visual needs. It is for this reason that your surgeon needs to know what your visual requirements are for the activities you undertake.

These intraocular lenses (IOL) are made of soft foldable material that are easily inserted into the eye once the cataractoys lens or clear len has been removed. They are made of acrylic or silicone materials and are permanent.

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What our patients say

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