At Face & Eye we pride ourselves on the quality of the treatment we offer our patients. Whether it be eye surgery, eyelid surgery, watery eye surgery, orbital surgery or cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments, we strive to achieve 100% patient satisfaction. The fact that many of our patients have had multiple procedures, and recommend us to friends & family, is testimony to the service that we provide. We are extremely grateful when our patients write to thank us. On this page and throughout the site, we are pleased to share some of their letters, with their kind approval. In addition, there are many photographs of our patients throughout the site, showing before and after images of the range of procedures we undertake. We are indebted to those patients who have been so kind as to give their permission for us to show these photographs which are not designed to raise expectations to an unrealistic level, but rather to reassure patients about the sort of results that we strive to achieve.

I suffered from clouded vision following cataract surgery, which was both debilitating and depressing. Mr Ikram gave me a very thorough examination, a clear explanation of the cause and the laser treatment available to correct this. This was carried out very efficiently and successfully. It was a huge relief to be able to see clearly again. The optician, Rebecca, was also very careful and helpful. I felt confident and reassured throughout. I can now get on with my life! Thank you.

Val from Stockport

I wish to express my sincere and grateful thanks to you and your team for the treatment I received during my operations for the removal of cateracts from both my eyes. I could never have imagined that my sight would be restored to such an extent that I no longer need to wear glasses, except for reading small print. Through your dedicated work and care my sight is now excellent and I haven renewed confidence in my daily life.

Marjorie Archer

I detailed my concerns with regards to the ongoing deterioration to the vision in my left eye, my right eye being ‘prosthetic’ as a result of a sporting injury back in the early seventies. Since my initial contact the level of your counselling and understanding of my concern, also your surgical skills, culminating with successful cataract surgery and lens implants has more than surpassed my expectations.

John Cooper

I am writing to thank the Face and Eye team for the advice and care you have given me recently with regards to the my eye lid operation. The difference in my sight is absolutely phenomenal, better than it has been for the last 15 years. With the cataract surgery from Mr.Lavin and your eye lid surgery I no longer require glasses for normal wear or reading. It is just wonderful to be able to see properly and to take everything in without looking and feeling permanently tired.

John Moehle

i would like to thank and congratulate you and the team for the excellent and very professional treatment I recently received concerning my watering eye and the removal of a large dacryolith. It was a refreshingly different experience than that of dealing with the NHS. The staff and facilities at Face and Eye are excellent and throughout the whole process you provided me with all the expert treatment, information and reassurance I needed.

Carl Mead

It is now five months since I underwent a Blepharoplasty under the expert care of Mr.Ataullah at the Face and Eye Clinic. From my initial consultation I felt the attention right from the admin staff, nursing staff through to my consultant was second to none. The post operative care by Mr.Ataullah gave me security and confidence. My eyes healed very quickly and there is not even a trace of evidence from the operation. I am very grateful to Mr.Ataullah and all his wonderful team.

Sylvia Shoshana Benovaich

Thank you for the care and patience you took over the Juvederm injections that I had recently. I had not had any cosmetic treatments before and was a bit nervous as to wether to go ahead. I was grateful for the free initial consultation when you explained everything clearly and answered my questions. I came for injections and then a top up session a fortnight later. You discussed each area of my face with me before carrying out the injections so that you were able to give me the result I wanted.

Amanda Baker

Just wanted to say that I am absolutely delighted with the results of yesterday’s treatment – and on top of that, there is almost no discomfort, whereas after previous treatments it has been extremely uncomfortable. Really pleased.

Pam Newbury

When I first came to see you, i felt concerned and confused following consultations with four other surgeons who all failed to make an accurate diagnosis. I left the Face and Eye clinic feeling knowledgeable  and confident. it is really evident that you and your wonderful team sincerely care about your patients and their comfort and I shall be eternally grateful to you all.

Vanessa Danielson

The whole experience of Face and Eye was excellent. All the staff from the receptionist’s, nurses, anesthetist and of course the doctor was very caring. If an operation could be stressful this was not. Also I was very touched when I was called personally on the Friday to see how I was. I would like to wish the team at Face and Eye every success in the future.

Julian Rhodes

After months of trying various other treatments for watering eyes within only eight weeks from first seeing Face and Eye, I no longer have any problems with them. Even though you did explain everything thoroughly beforehand, I was really nervous about the operation but the staff were really kind and reassuring.

Jane Cowen

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic result I have had following my recent Botox treatment. As you know I have a rather lazy left eye and achieving level eyebrows has presented much difficulty in the past. But not since I have been coming to see you! And while you achieve real results, you also manage to maintain a natural look which I feel makes you stand out as a practitioner.


Excellent!!! Today i had a Cyst removed from my upper eyelid by John Cooper who was assisted by Linda. The procedure was explained very carefully to me and was made painless. I was treated with great care and professionalism. A big thank you to all including the lovely Ellen on reception.

Paula Shannon

It is now four weeks since the procedure on my eyelid. It has healed with no problems im glad to say and my eye feels more comfortable now. Even in this bright sun we have had recently, wearing my sunglasses of course. The eyedrops you gave me for night time use have helped and Im still using the Hydro forte drops frequently and I feel if i can keep the irritation to this level I can cope.

I really appreciate  that you listened to my tale of woe and the swift treatment of my problem.

Dorothy Brown

I had eye bags and hollowing of the upper eyelids which made me look older and tired. For over a year I consulted various plastic and oculoplastic surgeons mostly in London and whom appeared to have good reviews on the internet. However I was only met with disappointment. I encountered a mixture of rushed consultations, overconfidence, lack of experience and inaccurate assessments of my problems and could not feel at ease to go ahead with them. I searched far and wide and prayed to find the ideal oculoplastic surgeon. My prayers got granted when I came across Mr Brian Leatherbarrow at the Face and eye clinic in Manchester. Mr Brian Leatherbarrow is a Genius and a wizard. He understood what I wanted to achieve through surgery. He was very patient, meticulous in the assessment of my face and explained every step and options to me. I felt comfortable and empowered in taking an informed decision to go for a transconjunctival blepharoplasty with fat repositioning and fat transfer. The surgery went very well. The staff at the eye clinic Ingrid, Linda, Ellen, Joseph and Jenni (who was so caring and held my hand ) were amazing. I am very pleased with the results. When you are considering surgery around your eyes, you have to weigh down the risks carefully, and choose the best oculoplastic surgeon in the world like I did.


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