Protect yourself from the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure. Many people are unaware of the serious risks associated with sunburn which increases your risk of melanoma, a potentially lethal form of skin cancer. It also greatly increases your risk of other forms of skin cancer including rodent ulcer (basal cell carcinoma), which we are seeing in younger and younger patients. Excessive sun exposure also results in premature aging of the skin, premature cataracts and increases your risk of the development of age-related macular degeneration.


A lower lid basal cell carcinoma (rodent ulcer) in a young patient


Many benign skin and eyelid lumps/bumps/lesions including chalazia (meibomian cysts – as seen in the photograph above) are no longer being removed under the NHS (read the article about this published in the British Medical Journal today). At Face & Eye we have a team comprising consultant eye surgeons, a consultant dermatologist, and a specialist oculoplastic nurse practitioner who can treat these problems quickly and efficiently. Visit http://www.faceandeye.co.uk/prices/ for information about the costs.

A benign upper lid papilloma

Click here to read the article from the British Medical Journal  bmj.k2903.full


Mr Leatherbarrow gave a presentation at the annual congress of BOPSS in Dublin about his experience of facial fat grafting over the course of the last 20 years, and his more recent experience since 2012 with micro fat grafting and nanofat injections of the area around the eyes. Mr Leatherbarrow spoke about the use of fat grafting in patients seeking facial rejuvenation, alone or to supplement the effects of cosmetic eyelid surgery (particularly in those patients who prefer to avoid dermal filler injections), and in patients with facial scarring and hollows following trauma. Microfat injections have become popular for the management of lower lid dark circles and tear trough defects.






Mr Ataullah gave an in depth presentation at the annual congress of BOPSS in Dublin about the risks of visual loss from the use of facial dermal filler injections. The attendees were informed about the safety precautions that should be undertaken to minimize this risk and about the appropriate immediate management of a patient should they experience visual loss from such injections. The presentation was very well received.


Lip enhancement using dermal fillers is a very popular treatment. Our very experienced nurse practitioner, Lynd, takes great pride in achieving the best results for her patients.

A patient seen before the filler injections

The patient seen following dermal filler injections



Do people keep telling you that you look tired? Are lower lid dark circles or hollows responsible? If so, what are the options for treatment? This will depend on many factors including your age, your skin type, the presence of lower lid fat pad herniation or skin laxity, and the position of your eyeball relative to the bony rim of the eye socket. The options for treatment vary and include: cosmetic eyelid surgery, and/or tear trough Restylane injections or microfat injections. Some patients may benefit from laser skin resurfacing or skin peels performed by an expert dermatologist. Any treatment in this delicate are of the body has implications for the health of your eyes – the discerning patient only entrusts such treatment to those who are truly expert in this area.

A patient before and after a scarless lower lid blepharoplasty

Have a look at the detailed information about this at http://www.faceandeye.co.uk/cosmetic-procedures/eyelid-surgery-2/lower-lid-bags-3/ and http://www.faceandeye.co.uk/cosmetic-procedures/non-surgical/tear-trough-injections/ and http://www.faceandeye.co.uk/cosmetic-procedures/face-surgery/coleman-fat-injections/

Specialist Treatment

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