This price list is intended to be a guide to the costs of our surgical and non-surgical treatments. The prices do not include the consultation fee. After a consultation we provide a written quote for our patients with all the costs of your treatment.
Please note: the cost of cosmetic lower eyelid surgery varies according to the approach taken, whether fat is removed or repositioned, whether it is combined with fat injections, and reflects the time required to undertake the surgery.
  • Eye Surgery
Eye Surgery

Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery (per eye)

From £2600


Refractive lens surgery

Clear lens surgery (per eye)

From £2900


 Corneal surgery

Collagen cross linking

From £2450


Pterygium surgery

From £2850

Glaucoma surgery

Standard Glaucoma surgery

From £3700


Glaucoma Stent surgery

From £2900


Vitreoretinal surgery


From £4100


  • Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid Surgery

Bilateral upper eyelid lift (upper lid blepharoplasty)

From £4090


Bilateral lower eyelid lift (eyebag removal / lower lid blepharoplasty)

From £4745


Bilateral upper & lower lid blepharoplasty

From £6145


Droopy eyelid (ptosis) surgery – one side

From £3800


Droopy eyelid (ptosis) surgery – both sides

From £5685


Ectropion surgery

From £1630


Entropion surgery

From £725


Eyelid tumour surgery

From £1545


Eyelid reconstructive surgery after Mohs excision of tumour

From £3520


Watery eye surgery (punctoplasty)

From £695


Watery eye surgery 

(DCR – tear duct bypass surgery)

From £3610


Watery eye surgery 

(CDCR with Lester Jones tube)

From £3800


Thyroid eye disease surgery (orbital decompression – unilateral)

                                                      (orbital decompression – bilateral)

From £6050

From £8775


Thyroid eye disease surgery (upper eyelid lowering)

From £3800


Removal of lumps / bumps / lesions 

(includes consultation)

From £755


Eyelid meibomian cyst / chalazion surgery (includes consultation)

From £580


Skin tag removal (includes consultation)

From £315


Eyelid and brow surgery for facial palsy

From £3240



(eye removal with orbital implant)

From £5550

  • Cosmetic Surgical Treatments
  • Cosmetic Non-Surgical Treatments
Cosmetic Surgical Treatments

Eyelid surgery

Bilateral upper eyelid lift (upper lid blepharoplasty)

From £4090


Bilateral lower eyelid lift (eyebag removal / lower lid blepharoplasty)

From £4745


Bilateral upper & lower lid blepharoplasty

From £6145


Droopy eyelid (ptosis) surgery

From £3800


Fat pearl grafting

From £5890



Face surgery

Brow lift surgery – both sides

From £4745


SOOF lift and lower lid blepharoplasty

From £7370


Coleman fat / microfat injections 

From £3780



Cosmetic Non-Surgical Treatments

Tear trough injections

From £650


Treatment for lines / wrinkles

From £190


Dermal filler injections

From £260



  • Consultation Fees
Consultation Fees

New consultation                        From £245

Review consultation                   From £185

  • All fee paying consultations are with a consultant ophthalmic surgeon
  • Tear trough injection consultations cost £125
  • The consultation fee is included in the fees for a lump/cyst removal if the procedure is carried out during the consultation
  • Most self pay package prices include review consultations for up to 3 month’s following surgery, Minor procedures (eg. eyelid lumps) will include one post-operative visit, should this be required

  • Out patient physician procedures/tests
  • Minor Operations by Oculoplastic Nurse Practitioner
Out patient physician procedures/tests
  • Syringing of tear ducts (sac washout): from £60
  • Endoscopic nasal examination: from £94
  • Biometry: £150
  • Pentacam: £120
  • Biometry & Pentacam: £195
  • Punctal plug placement (for dry eyes): From £125
  • YAG laser capsulotomy: From £635
  • SLT: From £700
Minor Operations by Oculoplastic Nurse Practitioner



Incision & Curettage of Chalazion

– Each additional Chalazion



Steroid injection


Skin Tag Removal

 – Each additional skin tag



Excision biopsy of lesion/cyst (histology cost included)

 – Additional lesion/cyst



TCA for Xanthelasma

 – Supplementary treatment within 3 months



Electrolysis (1 lid)

– Each additional lid



Everting Sutures (for lower lid entropion)



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