Corneal Surgery

There are a number of corneal conditions which can result in the need for surgical procedures. One of the most common is a condition known as Keratoconus, in which the cornea becomes progressively thinned and starts to bow forward just below its centre. Other conditions include various abnormalities of structure known as corneal dystrophies, or scars caused by infections (e.g. herpetic eye disease - herpes simplex keratitis - HSK) or trauma.

What our patients say

To all the staff of Face and Eye Clinic, my daughter got married on the 9th June. It was a marvellously happy occasion. My surgery made all the difference to how I felt I was able to be on the day. I have enjoyed using eye make up again and it has felt as though I have been given a new confidence in myself. It has made an enormous difference - worth every penny! Read RC's comments