Lacrimal Surgery

Watery or watering eyes are a very common problem. Face & Eye's oculoplastic surgeons can diagnose and treat the problem with a high degree of success in the vast majority of patients. The treatment does not always involve surgery. Where surgery is required, this can vary from a minor punctoplasty procedure under local anaesthesia to the placement of a Lester Jones tube under general anaesthesia. Read more about this in this section.

What our patients say

I wish to express my sincere and grateful thanks to you and your team for the treatment I received for the recent surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes. I could never have imagined that my sight would be restored to such an extent that I no longer need glasses except for reading very small print. Through your dedicated work and care my eyesight is now excellent and I have renewed confidence in my daily life and all I can say is you are simply the best. A very big thank you. Cataract surgery testimonial