Minor Operations

Face & Eye's surgeons can undertake a range of minor operations in the clinic. The cost of the consultation is included in the cost of the procedure if this is undertaken on the same day. Please note that you will not be able to drive home if you have had a minor operation on or around the eye. Unless these have been prescribed for you, you should avoid aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medicines e.g Ibuprofen, for 2 weeks prior to any such surgery to avoid excessive bruising.

What our patients say

I suffered from clouded vision following cataract surgery which was both debilitating and depressing. Mr Ikram gave me a very thorough examination, a clear explanation of the cause and the laser treatment available to correct this. This was carried out very efficiently and successfully. It was a huge relief to be able to see clearly again. The optician, Rebecca was also very careful and helpful. I felt confident and reassured throughout. I can now get on with my life! Thank you. Val (Stockport) Cataract surgery letter