Eyelid lumps and bumps

It is important that eyelid lumps and bumps are correctly diagnosed so that the appropriate treatment is provided. The patient below has a chalazion (meibomian cyst). Hot compresses and massage are appropriate early measures to treat the chalazion when it is small. Failure of conservative treatment means that an incision and curettage is required (this is a quick procedure requiring a local anaesthetic).

The patient below has a cyst of Moll that was misdiagnosed as a chalazion. He was told to apply hot compresses which he did for several months to no avail. This was not appropriate. Removal of the cyst requires minor surgery.

The patient below complained of a red irritable eye for months. He had been given eyedrops by his GP and at an eye hospital clinic with no improvement. The cause of the red eye was the eyelid lump that had been missed. This was a molluscum contagiosum. Removal of the eyelid lesion resolves the eye problem.

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