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    Selecting the lens to replace the cloudy cataractous lens or clear lens is an important part of achieving the optimal visual outcome.

    There are many lens implants available and are often referred to as lifestyle lenses or premium lenses as they maybe customised to a patient’s individual visual needs.

    These intraocular lenses (IOL) are made of soft foldable material that are easily inserted into the once the cataract is removed. They are made of plastic or silicone materials and are permanent

    Monofocal Lenses

    These are the most commonly used lens and offer a single zone of clear focus, usually to provide excellent distance vision. Often patients will require reading glasses for near tasks. Some patients can benefit from “monovision” where the dominant eye is corrected for distance and the non-dominant eye is corrected for near (for reading).

    Multifocal Lenses

    Multifocal lenses are very much like varifocal glasses and are designed to divide the image into several zones using a series of circles etched into the lens usually allowing a patient to see for near, for intermediate distance and far away. There are many types available including the AcroSof ReSTOR and ReZoom lenses.

    Multifocal IOL’s reduce the likelihood that you will be required to wear glasses or contacts after surgery as they incorporate both distance and near powered optics into one lens which work together to provide the eye with a full range of vision. Some patients can experience ghosting, glare and haloes with these lenses.

    Sulcoflex Trifocal Lens and the DUET Procedure

    Most people having cataract surgery with a lens implant or refractive lens exchange or “PRELEX’ need reading glasses although they may not require glasses for distance vision.

    Now we can offer you a procedure which involves placing a very thin additional lens implant just in front of the standard lens implant. This new lens implant is the Sulcoflex Trifocal Lens which brings into focus the images of things closer to you e.g. a computer screen, a book, a newspaper, or a menu. If you also have a focussing error for distance, the Sulcoflex lens can be selected to also take account of this.

    The Sulcoflex trifocal lens can also be a great option for those patients who may have already undergone cataract surgery under the NHS or privately and for whom multifocal lenses were not previously an option.

    Some patients can choose to have multifocal type lens implants at the same time as their initial cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange procedure. If you are in this group, then the Sulcoflex trifocal is again an option for your needs.

    A conventional high quality monofocal lens implant (the primary lens) is selected to replace any cataract which may be present whilst also correcting your focus for distance vision. If necessary this lens can also correct astigmatism. After that, the Sulcoflex trifocal lens is placed in front of the first lens implant giving a flexible, and reversible, approach to providing intermediate and near vision.

    This is referred to as the DUET procedure.

    The Sulcoflex trifocal lens and the DUET procedure offer an elegant, flexible, safe and clinically proven procedure, which is also reversible if necessary.

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    N.B. The Sulcoflex Trifocal Lens implant is not available under the NHS.

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